Friday, April 29, 2011

Announcement of 3rd EPS-TOPIK passer in Timor

The list of 3rd EPS-TOPIK Passers of the Timor-Leste is as attached. Passers shall submit job application form and requirements to the OEO (Overseas Employment Office).
The individual result(not only passers but also failure) of EPS-TOPIK is also to be noticed on the EPS website( in English version and in local language version)

○ Method to check the individual result
- Access the EPS website(
- click the language version(English or local language)
- click "Search present labor contract status" or “Buka kontrato nebe mak tama” section
- click the enter the primary key[16 digits, Ex)0152011P10000000)] stated at attachment) in EPS-TOPIK box
- click "SEARCH" button and check the individual result

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